Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A camping adventure :)

Annual camping trip year 3 happened a week back, and like every other year, it was a great time.

We were packed in pretty tight!!
 This year we had to try a new Caboose.  Our favorite old' #10 was booked!  
 We picked up the key Tuesday afternoon & they wasted no time taking over the place & being silly.
 Once we unloaded we headed off to explore the river.  Luckily the water levels were down some from all the rain & flooding that happened this spring.  We found a little playground to visit for a bit too.
 They found the current to be pretty interesting.  Saying things like "I feel like I'm moving" while standing still. 
 We found a few little minnows.  Hayden actually caught one with his hands....then freaked out & threw it.  
On our hike back to the car we told the kids the signs said to watch out for bears!  Ha!  
Blanket on the folded down back seat....great way to haul 3 very, very sandy kids through the park back to the caboose.  I still can't believe I did this!
Back at the caboose, it was showers, games of red-light, green-light & dinner on the grill.
 Topped off the day with an evening fishing trip.
 Isn't this just perfect?
 Nothing was biting that night, so we headed back for s'mores & adult beverages.

 The next morning after breakfast we were off on fishing adventure #2.  She wanted an Elsa braid for the event, I tried...
This time the dock was free so we gave it a try.  
 There were TONS of fish right there.  You could see 6 or more of them at any given time.  They weren't a big fan of our lures.
 Our only picture of all 5 of us from the trip :)
 I did catch... I mean, I was holding Logan's pole while he was taking a break to dig in the dirt...and, um, "he" caught his very first fish!  First time we have caught anything while camping!
 Back to the caboose for lunch & a 2nd attempt at an Elsa braid before heading off to the swimming lake.
They did try some swimming without their life jackets & Olivia actually did an 8 second back float all by herself!
 There was also a lot of sand digging & building.
 Then back to the cabin for showers, naps & playing in their "fort."  That little loft has 2 mattresses & is a "queen bed option."  We opt not to let the kids sleep up there at night, because I worry about them getting up at night to pee & falling.  But we let them nap up there & they thought they were pretty hot stuff.
 Meanwhile daddy went & bought some worms for tomorrow mornings 3rd & final fishing adventure.  
 That night at 1am (because things always happen at 1am, right?) Hayden woke up with what I would describe as a "croup attack."  It came on sudden & scary like an asthma attack.  But was definitely croup.  That hoarse barky cough & his croup inspiratory stridor.  Ugh.....  Thank goodness for hot showers in the caboose!  While H & I steamed up the shower, Jeff ran home for some meds.  Some allergy meds & some Albuterol (though I don't think that helps at all... it makes me feel like we're preventing it from being worse?).  I stayed awake until about 4 when his symptoms traditionally fade.... and he sounded much better, so I finally fell asleep.  He is historically such a croupy kid, but I can't remember when his last event was.  This was the first one I think he was old enough to know something was wrong.  He was scared.  He said he sounded scary & felt scary.  And said "My heart hurts!"
 Thursday morning, our tired selves packed up, turned in the key & headed for one more fishing adventure before we left the park.
Watching dad put worms on their hooks.
 Right away Livi caught her first all by herself fish!!
 Logan & I checked out another spot.  I held his pole, while he played in the dirt.  And almost instantly, "he" caught another fish.  See a pattern here?  
 Liv caught a 2nd & actually opted to not only touch him but throw him back herself.
 This was the only picture I got in the chaos.  She held him for all of 4 seconds & literally THREW him back.  Poor guy was air born!  No wonder our luck slowed down after this.
 Hayden was pretty upset he hadn't caught anything.  So we stayed longer than we planned & tried & tried & tried... and finally "he" caught one with Liv's pole.  In his defense, I think his hook on his pole was too big.  But he was happy with reeling this one in, and so our camping adventure 2014 came to a close.
 Until next year.....