Saturday, August 23, 2014


Back to school means our kids have been associating with a cesspool of germs.  Yay!  Monday night into Tuesday first Olivia, then Logan got the GI flu.  I was working when it begun.  So poor Jeff got minimal sleep.  My co-workers helped me out & sent me home a few minutes early so the tired hubby could head off to work.  Then my mommy shift (after being awake for the better part of 24 hours) begun.  Luckily, the pukes had ceased.  It was movies, naps, Gatorade, and laundry.

I spent Wednesday deep cleaning!  It felt good.  I sanitized everywhere.

And wouldn't you know it, Thursday morning.... Hayden was sick.  It passed as quickly as it came.  It wasn't too vicious this bug.  Jeff & I have both had some variation of headache, aches, fatigue, so I'm sure we had a variety of it too.

Logan & Olivia headed back to class Friday.  I called in sick to work Thursday night (not knowing what the day-night would bring) & kept Hayden home with me since he technically had not been well for 24 hours.  They were all quite over-tired tonight, & their appetites have yet to fully return, but I think they are on the up-swing.

Meanwhile, our project home keeps plugging along.  I have a few things that have to get done for all the stars to align & everything to work out like sunshine & rainbows before November rolls around.  Otherwise I wouldn't be working so hard.  But I've got a deadline.  You'll understand when it happens.

My master bedroom/bathroom project that I started in spring is almost done.  I've gone through 2 different comforter/quilts, stolen curtains from another room, & had my doubts about how my vision would turn out, but its finally looking like I hoped.  Almost there.

And because I can't seem to stick to one project at a time, we are also plugging along in the basement.  This is something my wildest dreams had wanted done by this past spring before tornado season... now my dream is to have it done by next tornado season.  We got crazy & used our paint sprayer to paint 1/2 of the unfinished ceiling, inspired by none other than Pinterest.  And now 1/3 of the concrete floor is painted (then I ran out of paint).  Its amazing what a little sweat & paint can do.  This one won't be done for a while, so don't expect any grand reveal super soon.  Just a little sneak peek of the ceilings.

We've got so much junk stuff in the basement that needs sorted, Goodwilled, stored away, cleaned, refinished, or maybe will be used to decorate said basement that we have to tackle this space in stages.  We got most of the stuff into 1/3 of the space so we're working on the other 2/3s first.

What the ceilings looked like before:
 Ok THIS is a more realistic version of during.  This project is not for the faint of heart.  Its a mess, mess, mess!  
Before the project began Jeff talked a lot about "when we actually drywall the ceiling."  Once it was done he said "if we do decide to leave it like this forever."  I love it when projects I rope him into despite his doubts, turn out well.  And I love that though he doubts me, he keeps his mouth shut & does it anyways.  Thats love.
They are nowhere near perfect, they aren't supposed to be.  But they are clean & fun.  How many of you have a mint green ceiling??  I do!!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

The Final Swim

This weekend was our last scheduled swim of the summer.  It went by so fast :(  We headed to Grandma Siebert's amazing pool.  They are about done for the season too & had their lost & found items setting out.  We helped ourselves to borrowing some goggles for the day.  They quite enjoyed them.
 Olivia mastered her back float.  I mean like, she could float for endless minutes mastered it, not just a little bit.  Such an amazing, life saving skill.  So excited about this!
 Hayden could even swim under her while she floated & it didn't disturb her.
 With goggles on, Logan was like a different kid.  He spent hours looking underwater for diving rings.  He's still pretty particular about how deep he chooses to go, but he did go down the big slide 3 times!!

And the most amazing part.... Hayden & Olivia can officially SWIM!!

I was just helping them less & less during the dozens of times they went off the board & finally, I just let them do it.... and they did!  I was shocked.  Livi had done it herself already a dozen times so she was getting pretty tired by the time we got out the video.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

My boys

They are just so different.

We were discussing this the other evening after Hayden wolfed down 2 helpings of Lasagna, his corn, a banana, 2 peanut butter-butter-&- jelly sandwiches & was still hungry..... meanwhile were were trying to get Logan to finish his corn & a 1/2 of a butter sandwich.

Their 'eating' personalities are just as they were their first weeks of life, through the newborn phase.

He has always been a good, big eater.  Mr. have your feeding tube out before you get to 34 weeks.  Who does that?
 And this one, he has always been a quirky eater.   I could write a book on Logan eating-isms.  Honestly when I send him off to Kindergarten I may have to send him with a feeding manual.

We have been working hard with him being ok with foods he doesn't like staying on his plate.  About trying 1 bite of things.  We've been pumping him full of greek yogurt to up his protein intake.  And while he is still endlessly resistant to new things, he has started eating a few new foods this year (carrots, though only from a can & cheesy burritos & occasionally strawberry jelly).  Amazing that such things could be big feeding breakthroughs.

Any other go-to protein foods for picky eaters?  We tried Almonds as of late, they were a no.  "Too crunchy" he said.  Peanut butter is also a no & eggs are a sometimes.

We get to "skip" the 5 year well check this year.  Well, not technically skip, just push back.  I had scheduled it online & the office called me to say we should rather schedule it for spring.  Apparently your Kindergarten check has to be done a certain number of months before Kindergarten.  And apparently insurance isn't known to pay for a "5 year well check" & a "5.5 year/Kindergarten well check."  So instead of pay BIG bucks for a well visit now, we'll wait.  

We did however, take Logan in this week for a height & weight check.  

Dr. Fran mentioned last year checking a growth hormone level on him.  I felt like his size was just his genetics & eating habits.  So, we agreed to watch how he grew this year & re-discuss it next year.  I'm fairly certain that his eating habits play a large role.  I'm also fairly certain that we could chalk it up to him being built more like the men in my family & Hayden more like Jeff's.  But since the gap in both weight & height has increased this year between him & the other 2 vs. remain the same or decrease, I wanted a little double check.  I wasn't sure if Logan had decreased off his growth curve, or if Hayden had increased in his.  All I knew was the gap had widened to an almost 3 inch height difference & a weight difference of 11 pounds.

Good news;  He's holding his curve.  Meaning Hayden is just huge, huge, huge.

Dr. Fran said they like to see 2-3 inch height growth in a year.  Logan's grown 2.  Hayden's grown 3.  They also like to see a 5 pound weight gain a year.  Logan's up 4 lbs, with 3 months left in the measurement year.  His percentages plotted within decimal points of those from his 4 year visit, 27% for height, 35% for weight.  So while he is a significantly different person than his sibs, he's holding true to his own & that's all I wanted to know.

His measurements at the office were 37.6 pounds (I would have said 38) & 41.2inches (I measured him at 41.25)!  So I feel pretty confident in my measurement skills.  I'd say Olivia is 41 pounds & 43.25 inches.  And Hayden 49 pounds & 44 inches.  

They are so different though all around these boys of mine.

Hayden says he never wants to go to Kindergarten because he will be just so sad & miss me too much.

Logan refuses to give Jeff or I bedtime kisses, and will only allow me a bedtime hug if I promise I won't kiss him on the cheek during said hug.

Logan is hell bent on always winning & being first.

Hayden says he wishes he was the youngest.

You may notice most days they are no longer dressed alike, as per their refusal.  Hayden one day decided he "wanted to be different than Logan."  And 98% of the time since that moment, the pattern has continued.  (Which actually serves me quite well financially as L gets all of H's hand-me-downs.)

I am sure my amazement with their personalities seeming to span the spectrum from one end to another will only continue to grow as they age.  

I love them both to pieces though.

Thursday, August 14, 2014


The city pools have closed.  The big kids have all headed back to school.  And us?  Well, we hit up Grandma GG's apartment pool!! 
 There were a couple pool noodles & inner tubes there that the kids had great fun with.
 Lots of kicking & splashing :)
 She has to stand up to take breaths, but she was able to swim all the way across the pool!!  Now only if she could figure out how to breathe without sinking.
 And some jumping off the edge!!

And then....

There had been several wasps around & I made a comment once that I kept watching them worrying one would end up in my bag.

Analeigh was sitting on a pool chair for a break.  Olivia went to join her.  She started crying that the chair hurt her arm.  We figured the chair's arm was hot from the sun, so I scooped up a hand full of water to go cool off the chair.  She started crying harder about how bad her arm hurt, so after putting the water on the chair, I looked closer & noticed her whole arm was red & there was a little wasp sitting on her belly.  I put 2 & 2 together, scooped her up & put her red arm in the cool pool water.  Yep, Liv's first wasp sting.

She was crying, I was holding her.  It was a mess.  Or so we though.

Meanwhile, Logan had gotten out, grabbed his towel & went to sit down to take a break.  Wasn't long before he was running, SCREAMING & holding his head.  Grandma GG ran to him, pulled his towel off his shoulders & out flew, you guessed it, another damn wasp.  A big one.

He screamed & screamed.  His arms clenched tight, holding his neck & head.  Took a few seconds to realize the radiating pain was from his ear.  He clenched it with grandma's hand clenched on top of his & couldn't let go.

There we were.  2 crying/screaming kids.  2 wasp stings.  2 other kids, now crying of fear.  Pool rings, towels, shoes, bags, camera, phones, life jackets everywhere.

Poor Olivia got put aside for a few minutes while I picked up & shook out every towel, shirt, bag.  Packed up.  Stuck shoes on 4 screaming children's feet.  And off we went.  Logan & now my hand still locked to his ear.  We just laughed.  What else could we do?

Livi's arm was red & had what looked like a mosquito bite bump.  It took a little while, but she was off & playing after not too long.

Logan however, apparently he got stung in the ear lobe.  I'm just glad he didn't get stung a bunch of times.  We got him a bag of ice to stick on his ear lobe which was hugely swollen.  Probably 3x the size of the other.  I was a bit worried about allergic reaction after seeing that swelling, but all was well thankfully.  After a few minutes on ice he let me take a peek.  I could see the "hole" from the sting, looked like his ear got pierced.  It was bruised & still very swollen.  Must have hurt just terribly because after I peeked he asked if his whole ear was sliced off.  When I said no, he then asked if it had a hole in it.  Poor, poor boy :(

Just as Logan was able to get up off my lap & go play.....

....Hayden puked.  And puked.  And puked.  On the floor.  In my hands.  More on the floor.  On the toilet.  In the toilet.

You have got to be kidding me.  We just laughed.  What else could we do?

Shortly there after he was hungry.  And seems to be fine.  He says he was so scared from the wasps.  I think he just got so scared & worked up from everything & he puked.

We concluded our day from hell with some ice cream & slushies from Sonic.

Here's to a less dramatic tomorrow.

Back to school happened.

Jeff's back to work.
The kids headed back to daycare-preschool.

They were very excited to go back & I was hoping the summer break was just what Olivia would need.

Drop off went great.
And upon pick up I discovered the day went as well as we'd hoped.

Ms Kayla, Olivia's afternoon teacher who Hayden had last year & who I absolutely adore said, "So I think I heard her talk more today than she did the entire year last year."  She shouted out answers, told them about her new-to-her Dora shoes, etc.  Her teacher this year Mrs Sarah is pretty laid back & knows our concerns & why we chose her class for Olivia, so I am hoping that she keeps this up!  I told Ms Kayla I didn't care if she learned one thing this year if they could keep this up.

Logan has tough luck with teachers, good thing he is so resilient!  Between a few weeks ago when we lined up their teachers of choice & today, his teacher quit :(  But there seems to be a great helper in there stepping up & my favorite Ms Kayla approved.  So I'm feeling ok about it.  Ms Nelly was his teacher today.  She said after just day 1, she adores Logan.  She said he made her laugh all day long.  With the change in teacher, his old helper from last year Mr. Jim is in his class again this year too.  He seems like a pretty cool guy- I think Logan was excited about that.

Hayden didn't really say much about his day.  His teacher Ms Jess is new.  We have yet to meet her.  The only thing he said is that she has purple hair in the back.  Pretty hip teacher :)  He also has a Ms Kayla during the day to help.  And Mr. Jim in the afternoons.  I'm excited for their open house later this week to actually meet his teacher.

Hopefully day 2 goes just as well!!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Summer List

We didn't officially write out a summer bucket list, but I had one put together in my head.  Looking back through the summer, I think we did pretty well!  We packed quite a bit into 8-10 weeks!!

Parades (x3!)
Play in the sprinkler
Slip & Slide
Spend time with cousins
Spend time with grandparents
Swimming lessons
Fly a kite
Baseball game
Zoo (x2)
Bible School
Balloon Festival
Learn to ride bikes
Husker Fan Day

And I guess its still only early-August.....Hopefully it stays warm for a long while this fall :)  I'd love to squeeze in a few more swimming or slip & slide days before it gets cool.  And we've got to get in one more trip to our favorite ice cream shop before it closes for the season.

Time to put together a fall bucket list.  Any must do ideas??

Back to school officially starts tomorrow!!
Fingers crossed for a great Pre-K year!!

The County Fair!

We waited until the very last day to hit up the county fair.... so we could get 4 hours of rides in with wristbands!  Most of the animals had gone home, but we got to peek at a few.
They thought they were pretty hot stuff pushing Analeigh in her stroller.
 I think they climbed on 30 tractors!!
And under them too!!
 We had lunch & had about 30 minutes left until the rides opened, so we watched a little bit of the ATV Rodeo.  Logan now wants a 4 wheeler.
Finally it was time for wristbands & rides!!!!
 Hayden's next chick after his cheerleader.  This one was more his age.  He chatted her up the whole ride :)
 They were tall enough for a few new rides this year.  Logan by my calculations is technically 41.25 inches tall & the cut off for a lot of the bigger rides is 42 inches.  He was just 'right' there in his boots.  Most of the carnes didn't care & let him on easily.
 A few others, not so much.  The first time, Logan couldn't get on the swings :(  This one said he was too short.  We will meet up with him later...
 So Grandma & Molly took him over to the slides instead.  They wouldn't let him go by himself on the slide either :(  But he could go with an adult.
After the swings, we all did the slides.  
 Livi was literally air born the first go!!  That orange one was fast!  When she came down she burned her elbow pretty good from the slide.
 But she went again, this time wrapping her entire self up in the bag :(
 We hit up a few more rides while grandma took Liv to find the first aid station for a bandaid for her poor elbow.
There of course was rides on the merry-go-round!
 And then.... we did the ferris wheel.  Oh my!  Livi has wanted to go now for several years.  Molly bought the adults tickets, so we couldn't say no.  
Hayden went with Jeff.
 Liv with Molly
 And Analeigh requested me.  I think I was the most terrified of all 6 of us.  
 Logan opted not to go.  He stayed at the bottom with grandma & had a blast hopping over the cart's shadows on the ground as they went around.  

Then, we tried the swings again.  New carne... no problem.  Logan loved them.  So glad he got on this time!
 There was a fun house... he could blow through it so fast, he almost lapped Log & Liv!
More merry-go-round.
A new swinging boat ride.
And a diva watching the big kids from the side :)
We had a few tickets left, so we took the big 3 on the bumper cars.  We spiked up Logan's sweaty hair to make him as tall as possible.  The stinking same carne from the swings the first time... said he was too short for the bumper cars.  He was honestly AT the line.  But the carne was looking from the top, not straight on.  Jeff argued (smoke rolling out his ears) & we finally got to take him on.

 He had a blast, it was worth the fight.
We were down to about 20 more minutes, so we headed back to the kiddy rides & snuck in as many as possible before it hit 5:00.
 Our very last ride on the merry-go-round.  The carne literally looked at me & asked if we were done snapping selfies before he started the ride :)
 A little supper/snack before heading home.  Logan fell asleep sitting up & eating.  Sure sign of an awesome day!

See you next year Sarpy County Fair!!