Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A few weeks 'til 5!!

We took 5 year pictures this past weekend.... 5 years!  How on Earth did that happen?

We went to the park one day that week before & "practiced" smiles.  
 We are having a streak of such wonderfully warm October weather!!

The boys are going to be Ninja Turtles for Halloween & they have been practicing with their swords.  They are just so amazingly different beings these two.

An early birthday party is just a few days away....

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Month

October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month.  October 15, specifically, is Remembrance Day.

I am fortunate to I have never lost a pregnancy, or a baby.  But I know many, many of my family & friends have.  And I have stood beside & behind many in my career path as they lost their precious children.

My heart is always with them.

As we journey through October may we journey together & support one another.  

May this month encourage you to speak out.  Remember.  Not hide.  

May your voice & your story bring comfort to someone else walking in your shoes.  And may you find comfort in not being alone.

May you continue to celebrate those too special for this Earth.  For once a life, always a life.  As valued as any other.

Please know, I am inspired by your strength, heart & grace.  

This month, and every month, I stand with you.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Girls vs Boys

Today Olivia showed me she has learned the Pledge of Allegiance.

Logan showed me he has learned to fart on command.

I will spare you a video of Logan ;)

The difference in boys vs girls is just so black & white.  Sometimes I think my house is a living experiment in nature vs nurture.  Girls are girls, boys are boys.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Its Pumpkin Patch Time!!

We are just a full week into October & we've already hit up the Pumpkin Patch twice!  The first time with Grandma GG, Molly & Analeigh.  The 2nd time we went with friends.  The weather has been unusually warm, almost seemed like swimming weather, not pumpkin patch weather!

We of course fed the goats.
And the bunnies were close to the fence so we disobeyed the "bunnies can bite" signs & reached over for a pet.
This year they could all actually pedal the trikes!
And the season's not complete without a train ride selfie!
Trying to get a good picture of the 4 of them, near flowers, where bugs are.... impossible.  Since the wasp sting event, Logan is terrified of any bug.  I mean like, his fear of anything that moves is impacting our normal day-to-day life.
I think this is my favorite spot!!
You can't really see Analeigh between me & Hayden, but she's there.  We tried to all go down together for a picture.. but Logan was too fast!

Check us out!!

There is just so much to do!
Hay Rack Ride!
There was a camel.  The picture is deceiving, he couldn't reach our hands, there is a thing to feed him with.
But we did feed a llama!
Finally got Analeigh to do it.  She wasn't so sure this year.
Pig races.  Hayden got picked from the crowd to be a cheerleader.  He was apparently a group operation, O & A followed him down.
His pig won so he got a prize.... and wore it around Vala's the rest of the day.
So many awesome slides.
We checked out the new pie barn & snacked on some yummy apple pies & ice cream dishes.
And goofed around!
We were there ALL afternoon!!
It was a fun filled day!

A week later, we went again with some friends.  We did some new things we hadn't done before, like glow in the dark golf.  And after our friends left, we stayed just a little longer & checked out the new area with sports games.  

Check out Logan's b-ball form... he's a natural!
These two... not.so.much.
She really wants to play soccer.  She asks all the time.  She even has said a soccer ball is going on her Christmas list.  I guess next spring/summer we might have to join the world of organized sports.
Baseball throws... a little too hard for preschoolers.
Finally, he hit the broad side of the barn... literally.  Its a picture of a barn with a pitch speed sensor.
My not-so-strong ones!  They usually got to the 2nd level, munchkin.  I was too chicken to try.
There are kiddie size ones & grown up size ones.  Hayden felt the need to try a grown up one.

And of course, more of our favorite big slides before we headed home for the day.
These things are so fast!!
I mean... look at her fly!!  Over & over she was air born!

3 weeks left in October.... 3 weeks left for Vala's fun!!

I think we have our Halloween costume choices hammered out.  This year they were not up for suggestions & had plans of their own.

Early birthday party plans are in the works.
Then its birthdays, Thanksgiving, Christmas... New Years.
This time of year just goes by so crazy fast.

I've gotten a huge, huge percentage of my Christmas shopping done.  My goal is always to be 100% done by Dec. 1.  Outside of a few stocking stuffers, a few things that I can't find in the stores yet & waiting to hear what their choice "Santa" item is, I'm basically done.  I'm hoping I can just enjoy the holidays for what they are if I have the shopping rush stuff out of the way early.