Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Hoppy Easter!

Easter, which was so late, somehow seemed to come & go so fast.  We are 2/3 the way through April & I'm still mentally stuck in March.

We snuck in a quick trip to see the Easter Bunny a few days before the holiday.  Hayden was a little unsure at first, but he warmed up pretty quickly.  Logan & Livi thought it was great!
Molly & Analeigh joined us.  Analeigh wasn't so sure of the big guy & I don't think it would have gone so well had she flown solo.  This picture really doesn't much represent her true feelings.  She was happy she got to sit by her "Wiv." 
And what trip to the Lincoln mall is complete without a ride on the carousel!  

Easter morning they found some pretty awesome baskets filled with DVDs, books, sunglasses for the boys, earings for Liv, PJs, socks, pencils, chapstick, toothpaste & $5!
 Logan got into Ghostbusters the weekend before Easter at Grandma & Grandpa Maas'.  Luckily the Easter Bunny was able to find it last minute at Walmart.  He's pretty stoked!  There has been Ghostbusters chopping up ghosts play going on here all week.
 And FROZEN of course!  Not sure who is more excited, her or me!
 Hayden sporting some sweet shades & his $5!
 Then they threw on some clothes, or just jackets over their PJs for a quick little egg hunt.  It lasted maybe 8 minutes.
 We even attempted to make Easter Bunny pancakes!  The kids called them Micky Mouse.

They (not very willingly) allowed me to snap a couple shots on our way out the door to Great Grandma Sieberts.  

A quick stop at G & G's house for potty breaks & some cousin pictures.  Logan & Liv were trying to rein Analeigh in... there were a few crashes.
 I love these little videos.  Check out Diva Livi's hair flip!
 Grandma GG & her grandkids

Then we headed out to celebrate Easter with food & family in the pasture.  The forcast of rain all day, held out literally until the moment we were packed up & got back to Grandma & Grandpa's house.  
 Playing with 2nd cousins
 Making their plan of action for the upcoming egg hunt
 And of course, golf cart rides around the pasture.

Then came the annual egg hunt.  

A few little candid shots...

I hope you got to spend some time with the ones you love, celebrating blessings.  
God is good.  Happy Easter.


Its interesting the lag in blogging that has happened this year for me.  I'm not sure if its related to my working nights.  Or the winter blues.  Or the fact that things that once seemed so new & novel are now just life.

Spring seems to be here.  And I hope this weather stays.  It's a spirit lifting warmth.  And I'm loving sending the kids out back to play for hours, instead of them dragging toys all over our house for hours.  Not loving that this means nightly baths & frequent sweeping/vacuuming of dirt & grass tracked seemingly everywhere.

Here's whats been happening with us.

Our pastor was on a sabbatical this winter & when he came back this spring, the preschool kids had a special song at church.  2/3 of our kids sang & did actions.  Hayden & Olivia stood together, Logan did his own thing.  Slowly gaining some independence.
 Hayden continues to think our bed is his bed, Logan on occasion joins him.  This as they continue to self-master staying dry overnight & have a hard time finding their own beds after a potty break.  Hayden very often we also find sleeping UNDER our bed.  Hayden much appreciates the nights I work, when he can crawl on in without daddy noticing.  This was "my side" of our bed one morning.
 Who wouldn't want to come home to this on a Saturday morning after working all night.  Big kisses!
I've been slowly working on finishing up our master bathroom & closet.  Logan apparently thought he was capable of helping paint.  It could have been way worse.
 I love how he writes his lower case "i"!
 The boys are just so different.  This is Hayden's.  Every letter is there.
Olivia of course would prefer to stand over both of them & critique their work.  

 Anyone in need of some paper shredders for rent?  They are very into creative art right now.  Not so much coloring, but cutting & taping & drawing creative art pictures.  Anyone looking to buy them a gift- we will take reams of paper please.
 Warm enough for popsicles!!  Logan is so like me & has to have his sun glasses outside.  Olivia follows suit.

Notice their clothes in all the pictures.  Gone are the days of matching multiples outfits.  They would still appease me if I requested it.  But they are becoming such independent souls.  By the time they wake me up most mornings, their PJs are in the hamper, their pull-ups in the trash, they are dressed, including socks & lately shoes (because buying new crocks for summer is just that exciting!).  Hayden knows which buttons turn on both TVs.  If we have cereal bars, Poptarts or bananas accessible, on occasion they will feed themselves breakfast.  We only nap on daycare days & on days mommy works.  

Logan's brilliant use of outdoor tools to keep the toy chest open.

 The kids went to their first school friend birthday party.  I worked & slept :(
 Daddy got excited after a few days of warm weather & got a few things planted in the garden.  The kids are so excited!
 Jeff also got the sprinklers going to get them tested out for spring/summer.  The kids took this as an invitation to pretend its summer & run through the sprinklers.  It wasn't really warm enough for this, and it lasted all of 7 minutes.  But oh so fun!!
 Hayden even took his shirt off.
We have enjoyed a few too many trips already to the local ice cream shoppe.  One afternoon out running errands, we also dined on ice cream at Runza.  Who doesn't love dipping Runza fries in your ice cream cone?!
 Well, Hayden doesn't enjoy dipping I guess.