Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Balloon Festival 2014

I'm so behind on blogging!!  
August 8th was the Wine & Balloon festival.  Considering every time we drive by the open field where the balloon festival is held my kids from the back seat yell "BALLOON FESTIVAL" I figured we'd better go again!  This time we went on Friday night vs Saturday night & maybe it was the weather, but Friday night was much better to go with kids.  Much less crowded.
We of course snuck in some sandwiches, Cheetos & cookies.  Thats how we roll.
 It was kind of windy that evening so they didn't get nearly as many balloons up this year.  It was interesting to see them work & struggle to try to get them up.
 Being silly to keep themselves entertained!
 We got such a close up spot again this year!!  It wouldn't be the same sitting far off.
 And of course, the wine!!
 Waiting for dusk to fall for the balloon glow.
Almost time!!
 Love it!
 This year people walked right up closet to take a look.... so we followed.  

I think its fairly clear they had a good time!!


We have really run the gamete of sick this fall.  We hadn't been to the pediatrician since our 4 year well check.  We'd rocked healthy for quite a stretch.  And I guess our luck wore off.  When we do sick, we do sick right!  Or wrong maybe?  I always think back to the 10 day stretch that was our sickest parts of our RSV adventure & thankfully, nothing ever seems to measure up to that.  It's all about perspective I suppose.  And I'm thankful that is all the "perspective" I have to compare it too.  That in & of itself I suppose is quite a blessing.

It was an interesting journey this bug.  It seemed to wax & wane, come & go.  Fever one day, not the next, 103 the following.  It really was without rhyme or reason.  I think after 3 weeks its on its way out.

Olivia started it off with the respiratory stuff pretty hard core.  I've seen her have pneumoniabronchiolitis, and RSV.  There were most definitely times throughout that week of her respiratory symptoms that I thought another hospital stay was in her future.  The difference was I knew what she can look like when she looks her worst, and I knew that Albuterol was helping her a ton in her worst moments.  I felt confident in our abilities to manage her at home.  We 'may' have overdone it on the Albuterol, because towards the end she ended up with a bloody nose.  If you child has never gotten a bloody nose while puking before, I don't recommend it.  I saw bright red blood in the bucket she was puking in & I thought she was puking frank blood.  My mind was deciding if I bothered to put on a bra or grab shoes for the boys before rushing to the ER.  Then she sat up.  And I saw her face.  Blood dripping from her NOSE.  She ended week 1 with a painful ear infection.  And just 3 days after her 10 days of Amoxicillin ended, her fever jumped to 102.5 again.  So she is back on antibiotics for a "supposed sinus infection."  She had respiratory distress, fever, bloody nose, ear infection, pukes, sinus infection all in this stretch.  She still has a little GI upset, but I'm chalking that up to all the antibiotics her GI tract is dealing with & moving on.

Hayden had some respiratory crud when Olivia did.  But pretty mild.  Him I got worried about later, the middle of the next week he spiked a temp.  Hayden doesn't really run fevers.  When he is 99.5 I lie and tell the pediatrician he is 101, because they don't get too concerned with 99.5 but for him, that's a true fever.  However, this sickness, he at times was 102!  I can't think of a time I recall him actually being 101 even.  And what worried me most, was neither Motrin or Tylenol seemed to make his fever budge.  Actually, I take that back, what worried me most was he complained of headaches & neck aches.  Top 2 signs of meningitis.  There were days I woke him up through the night to make sure he could talk to me, answer questions & put his chin to his chest.  We did middle of the night baths to bring down his temp.  And so many cold washcloths to the head, both for fever reducer & headache reliever.  Day 3 of fever, his throat hurt him so we did a strep culture, which was negative.  I wished it had been positive, so at least we had something to chalk his misery up to!  His glands behind his ears & down to his neck were huge, huge, huge swollen.  Like he had 3 golf balls packed in behind each ear swollen.  The Dr. said his throat looked "impressive."  After several days of fever, he ended up with the pukes too.  He had them by far the worst of all 3 kids.  For 8 hours all he did was sleep & puke.  He tried to drink fluids & could not keep anything down.  His fever was 102 & he couldn't keep down Motrin.  I was watching him go pee to make sure he was still actually peeing.  He had a fever on & off for the better part of 9 days.  This week now, he has had 2 of what I believe were asthma attacks.  He was very short of breath, panicked, almost disoriented.  Albuterol helped both times, and I can't say weather to contribute it to this virus, or the fact that they say the ragweed pollen count is at an all time high.

Logan snuck in on the tail end of sickness.  He hasn't seemed to have much for respiratory symptoms outside of a runny nose.  He has also done the week long fever.  I was very concerned with as high as Hayden's fever was, that Logan would be over 105 when he got it.  He is a fever runner.  I know I got him over 103 once, but that is no where near what I was anticipating for him & Motrin & cold washcloths seemed to bring him down to the 100-101 range fairly easily.  I'm not sure he got much below 100 for a few days, but we ensured he drank is weight in water & Gatorade those days as we have seen Logan in dehydration mode & it is not pretty.  A few days into his fever, he skipped dinner completely & before I headed off to work I told Jeff half-jokingly he should send Logan to bed with a bowl because this is about the same time frame into fevers that the other 2 puked.  And low & behold, that night, he puked.  {Pat my back- I called it!}  He didn't get so sick like Hayden did, it was short lived thankfully.  But not fun regardless.  Towards the end, he just couldn't shake the fever & he kept saying his cheeks hurt.  So he also bought himself a round of antibiotics for a "supposed sinus infection."  Him & Hayden have actually both lost 2 pounds in the last few weeks.  Hopefully this is the end of it!!

Our pediatrician said he would assume we have the current nasty Enterovirus 68 strain that is all over the news right now.  But apparently it costs $600 to test for it!  And what difference does it really make?  He said had we ended up in the hospital he'd of run the test.  He said actually he was impressed how well their lungs all sounded.  He said given our history he'd of guessed they would need some steroids to get them over this hump, but they sounded good.  So hooray for that.

We did finally for the first time, in seemingly forever, get out of the house Monday & hit up the park briefly.  The kids even rode their bikes there!!
 She's just so big all of the sudden.  She can swing & pump completely by herself.  
 She tried so hard.  She could get a hand on #3, then crash down.  
 A little fresh air does the body & spirit good!
Stay away germs!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

2 years ours

August 28, 2012 we moved into our new house.

Yes, it has really been 2 years.

And yes, I still refer to it as "new."

By year 2's end I have successfully managed to paint the walls & closets of all the living spaces we currently use.  The whole house has new lights, new switches & outlets, new door hinges, painted door knobs (which we will replace someday when we have a spare $500- seriously why are door knobs & cabinet hinges so expensive!?), new cabinet pulls, the list goes on.  The basement is currently under construction.  I wish I had time for the garage.  And the office is being re-redone & will be becoming a dining room as the builder intended, when a basement office corner is all put together.  We have done so much, yet there is a whole other list of to-dos waiting for when the current one is complete.  The only walls not touched are the spare {wish it could become a nursery} room.  I just don't have the heart to paint it.  It did get a bed, some curtains & a ceiling fan this year.  But I'm just not ready to give up on the dream of it being something more than a spare...so it will have to stay beige & stinky for now.

Kids' Bathroom
Olivia's Room
Hayden & Logan's Room
Toy Room
There have also been closets, cabinets, nooks, sheds, decks & doors re-done.
The office/dining room.  Soon to be re-under construction.  Of all the rooms, this is the one I've loved the least so I'm excited to change it up in here.
Kitchen, which I haven't posted about either since painting it.
Main Bath & Laundry Room
Family Room
Bedroom Hallway
 Master Bedroom/Bath- (sooo close to finally being done)

 What we looked like moving 2 years ago :)  Last stop back in the old house.

Some things have changed even since these pictures, nick knacks, new curtains, light fixtures, etc.   But the overall is still the same, day by day, year by year, its becoming us.  Our story told via our home.