Friday, April 24, 2015

Misc. Spring Fun

After last year's wasp ear sting, Logan is a bit bugphobic.  This get-up is sure to keep him safe?
 Basement progress.  This will get done this year darnit!!
 Grandma Siebert's Earthly 85th Birthday happened.  We miss her so much.
 When the kids heard it was her birthday- they insisted on a party!!
A little spring sickness for the girl.  She's had a rough year.  She may have to grow up to be a respiratory therapist.  She can nap & give herself a treatment all herself outside!
Mama got sick too.  I haven't been this sick in a LONG time.  A fever for me is 99.2, so to be darn near 101 was horrible.  It had to be some sort of flu.  Chills, sweats, aches everywhere, cough & fever.  Livi is WAY tougher than me!!  I said I hope my fever doesn't last 3 days like hers.  She said, "3 days!  I was sick for like 3 weeks!!"  I think 3 days of this might feel like 3 weeks- its awful!  I had to call in to work & luckily the kids had daycare scheduled, because I slept 18 of 24 hours.  Terrible!
Duck tape- solves all household problems.
Logan is just about to loose 2 teeth!  For now he has a shark tooth!  Can you see that adult tooth coming in behind his baby tooth?
 Work is INSANELY busy!  And a baby boom is about to happen outside too!  Stumbled upon these beauties on my way into work one night.
 Logan- my terrible pick eater.  Two weeks ago would have gagged at the thought of peanut butter, one day decided he liked PB sandwiches.  Then one night he ate apple slices dipped in PB & now he scarfed 2 bananas smeared in PB.  Its like I won the lottery!!
Lots of windy days playing outside.  Sorry neighbors- its their rock band!
 We had Livi's parent teacher conference.  This girl is SOOO ready for Kindergarten.  Academically I knew she would be.  She's a smart girl- just check out her sight word progress this year.  Unbelievable!!  But the strides she has made socially this year are unbelievable.  She is ready.  Mrs. Sarah even said some days she has to say "Olivia- shhh!"  She is still shy in new situations- but she has learned to open up & she is learning to be herself even around people who make her feel shy.  I couldn't of dreamed of a better year for her.  Mrs. Sarah & CrAzY Miss Kayla was JUST what she needed this year.  I sort of wish all 3 of our kids would have been in her class.  The boys' conferences are next week.

National Infertility Awareness Week 2015

I am the 1 in 8. While I am thankful for my 3 take home babies, the struggle with infertility is real. Infertility is a loss. The loss of a dream. The loss of an assumed future. And like with every loss- its ok to grieve. You are not alone.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Spring Break: Day 3

 Day 3 we headed back to Crown Center to check out Kaleidoscope.  I had never been to Crown Center, but its the bomb!
 Waiting to get in.  I was glad it wasn't too much of a mad house on a Saturday morning!
 My only complaint.... not enough time.  Kids LOVE crafts.  And 40 (or 35) minutes to rush through all these craft stations was not enough.  The puzzle making station was my favorite!  Color on a cardboard square....
 Then run it through a machine to cut it into your very own puzzle.
  And there was coloring, painting, taping, cutting...
 And a blow drying machine to blow your paintings dry!
 Afterwards we took a little tour of Hallmark.  It would have been a cool place to check out sans-kids.
 The only part they liked was to push a button & see how a gift bow is made.
 We took the long way home & stopped at the T-Rex cafe for a late lunch.
 They had taken a little nap in the car- so they weren't totally cheerful at the get go.
 Or maybe they were just hangry... they cheered up towards the end.
At Lego Land we found a table in the gift shop that was build your own 3 guys for $10, so we let them each build a guy.  At T-Rex, we let them each pick out a T-shirt.  They thought they hit the jackpot with take home prizes.  I love that they are little enough to get so excited about non-expensive gifts.
 After our exploring trip in Crown Center- they finally figured out how to use an escalator.  Their first few trips up & down at Crown Center were hillarious!  We took one last trip up & down at Dave & Busters at the mall... then headed home. 
It was a great little much needed 3 day get away.  

Spring Break: Day 2

Day 2:  We spent the morning swimming & swimming & swimming..
 There was one big waterslide they went down over & over!!
We spent the afternoon be-bopping around Crown Center.  Exploring, lunch, shopping....
 They had a play area all done up with story book & movie play sets.
 Then we had some ice cream!
 It was apparently lick the bottom of the bowl good :)
 We wanted to avoid rush hour traffic, so we walked around outside a little before heading back to the hotel for some more swimming.
 We had late night pizza for dinner & then hit the hay.