Monday, July 20, 2015

Their first race & a diver!

After watching Jeff run the Lincoln Half Marathon a few months ago, when he was talking about doing a local community days 3 mile fun run- the kids wanted to run.  And just their luck- they do a 1 mile kids run!  Logan & Olivia decided to run.  Hayden didn't want to, he just wanted to make signs & cheer.  We asked several times to each of them & had them stick to their decisions.

Hayden & I were a pretty cool cheering section!
 Olivia before
 Logan before
 Its blurry... but they are off....
{Logan's got some pretty good form!}

Jeff ran along with them just in case.
 The leader took a wrong turn, so it ended up being more like 3/4 a mile, which was fine for our kids.  Logan finished so quickly I almost missed him!  Part way into the race- he realized he was a ways ahead of Jeff & Olivia.  So he ran back (about 1/2 a block) then when Jeff told him it was ok for him to run himself- he took off again.  So he ran an extra block!  And still finished at 6:54!
 And here comes Olivia!  She finished in 8:09.
 And after!  Excited about the Gatorade!!  Super proud of them for making the decision & following through!  

Hayden was upset when he discovered his siblings got a participant ribbon.  There were some tears shed- but he has decided he will run next year.

Then there was pancake breakfast & an awesome parade.

And we skipped the HOT activities in the park & instead hit up the pool.  Where after me helping her just twice- Livi mastered kneel diving off the edge AND off the BOARD!!  There was one minor belly flop - but she stuck to it & did an awesome job.  Seriously- Who learns to dive off the board in ONE DAY!  She's a go-getter this one.  

Monday, July 6, 2015

Happy 4th of July

For the first time in probably my entire nursing career I had off the 4th of July.  When it wasn't my holiday to work, I have traditionally traded into it to have off Memorial Day or Labor Day.  But after the kids were kind of more into the whole celebration last year & I missed out- I decided to not work it for once.

I started off my holiday off by attempting some cool 4th of July star hair.
 We spent the evening with some of Jeff's Blair friends.  Bounce houses, trampolines, water balloons, bikes, scooters, and this go-cart.  Hayden was Mr. Cautious.  He took it VERY slow.  Gas on & off & on & off as to not get too crazy.
 Olivia went middle speed.  More wild than Hayden but pretty safe going.
 Mr. Motor Head was a MaNiAc!  Fast as he could go.  And he drives like a pro!  Hits the breaks with perfect timing as to get as close to people as possible.  Totally in control.  This is his element.
 There was bean bag games, frisbees.  Food.  Cupcakes.  Watermelon.  The list goes on.
 I'm not much for lighting fireworks.  Or spending $ on them.  And when you hit up a stand at 4:30pm on July 4 there isn't much left.  Luckily there were some sparklers shared.  Logan just did one then was done with the "fire."
 There were plenty of big kids (and adults) lighting off plenty of pretties to watch.  I'm kind of a big chicken- its just not my thing.  I love a nice big professional display.  But a whole bunch of kids running around with fireworks & punks in the dark gives me heart palpitations.
 Thankfully they were pretty content with sparklers, snapies & glowsticks.  And the explanation "because they are bigger than you" still works.

Hope you had a wonderful Independence Day!

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

A little reunion

Every 2 years we do a little family reunion with Jeff's dad's family.  Its pretty low key, dinner & watching the kids run wild on the farm.  Which is just perfect & relaxing.  Work had been super busy & I had worked 75 hours in 7 days- but I had a day off for a quick day trip up for a visit.

Hayden almost immediately caught a frog- then carried him around in a plastic cup the majority of the night.  
 There is an amazing & huge play house the kids had a blast in.
 There was a little water balloon fight.
 And LOTS of THIS!!
 I remember jumping hay bales as a kid.  I'm almost stupidly excited that my "city" kids got a chance to do this.  To get scratched up & filthy & have a blast doing nothing but jumping on hay.  Thats what being a kid is all about!
 After helping a bunch of littles figure it out... I decided I needed to get in on the action.  A little mother-daughter hay bale jumping!  In a long skirt & flip flops even... I've still got it!
 10 of the 11 little munchkins who were there & had so much fun.

My little crafter

Hayden made this car a while back. 

He was working all alone in the kitchen.  Coloring, drawing, cutting all these random shapes.  As he started taping things together he got frustrated & asked for help.  I didn't know what he was doing, but he just told me what to do.  And viola... he made his own car.

He drew, colored & cut out all the pieces.  The spoiler on one side isn't quite right, but I'm quite simply amazed.

He has since made a simiar rocket.

I said once of him- he'd rather create his own art, then color inside of the lines, both literally & figuratively.  And that continues to hold true.  

He quite loves art & creating things- it might be his favorite thing of all to do.  He's such a crafty guy & I just absolutely, beyond words LOVE this about him.

Summer Lovin'

We are in the full swing of summer.  We've been so busy--- being, not really busy.  Outside of swimming lessons, we opted not to put the kids in any activities again this summer.  Life just goes so fast & there is so little time to just be a little kid with no obligations.  So thats what we're doing the whole month of June.

We hit Splash Station on the first 90 degree day.
 And cured our hot & hangry by munching on snow cones.

We've hit the Gretna pool- specifically to jump off the diving board.  Because does anywhere else let kids in lifejackets just do their thing at the pool anymore?
 The big kids were having a belly flop contest & all chickening out.  Hayden, totally oblivious to it all, rocked out the biggest belly flop ever.  The whole line of boys & the even the lifeguard cheered.  Good thing his landing was life-jacket padded!
 Butt-buster.  She also learned to cannon ball.
 I bet Logan $1 he couldn't do it.  He hasn't in years past.  But he did & loved it so much he went off probably 50+ times! 
 A stop at the park afterwards for a little spin- dry!

On cool rainy days we've been building Legos or playing on our LeapPads.
 Sometimes even playing them while mom paints in the basement.  Its gonna get done this summer folks.... its gonna....
 Meanwhile, my great-grandma's table is also getting a makeover.
 Next step- chairs.

We've hit up Dairy Chef probably an unhealthy number of times.  Seriously- how did we survive before this place?

We've had colored milk for breakfast.  Just because.

Livi has rocked her wardrobe.  Leggings...under capris... with boots... in June!

She's Karaoke'd her heart out.  And now that she's got the CD from VBS she may never stop.

We have slip & slide'd.  And sprinkler'd.

We hit up Junkstock!
 And after walking in muddy fields for 5 hours came home with just this.  Well- some good ideas as well.

We've learned a long tongue is essential to balance!  Future Cheerleader!!

We traded in the ole' Equinox.  She needed badly to go.  The kids wanted to give her a hug to say goodbye.
Our new-to-us Aspen with more room!  (less miles & a working heater!)

They ROCKED Vacation Bible School this year!  
Everest was the theme.  The decorations were AWESOME!

Jeff led the games.  I worked, grocery shopped, or filled water cups (& took pictures).  
"Hold-on" to your partner soccer.
Soccer in a tutu... why not?
Too cool for (Bible) School...
Wheel barrow races carrying your shoes on your back.  As noted above, see the awesome Livi attire pattern continues.... 
Mr. Too Cool came up with his own way to carry his shoes... smart!
All the older girls in Logan's group just loved on him so. 
Hayden was so tired one night after all the VBS fun, he got up to go to the bathroom.... missed the bathroom entirely.  Then tucked himself into "bed" on the entryway bench.  Poor boy.
At the little program we lit candles for Nepal.

And if I could get Jeff's phone to upload pictures- I'd show you some singing ones.  Hayden agreed to nicely stand- but refused to sing.  Log & Liv did awesome with all the songs & actions!

We had fun at a Backyard BBQ.. and Livi mastered the rings & flips on the bar.  She is just such a go getter.
{Nice rip in your tights!}

And she has decided she wants to be on American Ninja Warrior.  She could almost climb to the top of this pole at the park.  Her upper body strength & determination is amazing.  She has Jeff make her obstacle courses in the backyard- then complains they aren't hard enough.

See what I mean.... we've been so busy.... not being busy.  We've slept in.  Stayed up late.  And are loving every minute!