Tuesday, July 15, 2014

"Take me out to the ball game"

We took the kids for their first trip to the ball diamond.  I was a bit apprehensive about it.  Sitting & watching a game for hours on end.  But it was so.much.fun!  An awesome time & a Storm Chaser's WIN.  Plus, some business (I can't remember who) was sponsoring kids night, so the first 50 kids got in for $1!  

They all had to wear their caps & bring their gloves.  They were a bit confused at first why no one was hitting or throwing the balls to them.  I don't think they really understood what a baseball game was.
Logan did say a few innings in "I think I need to play T-ball now, because I think I'm going to be great at it."  I think he is right, he will be great!  Maybe next summer bud.
 This is so pretty...look at that sky!  It was a beautiful evening with temps in the 70s.  Perfect!
They enjoyed yelling "HI!!" to the players as they walked by during warm-ups.
 She was not one little bit shy.  She was so at home here.  She has had such a great summer, we have worked so hard on finding ways for her to have fun & be outgoing without the "stress" of school.  And she has rose to all our challenges.  I'm really hoping for a good school year for her!
 We splurged & bought the kids wrist bands to the kid zone, just incase they were too stir crazy.  But we really spent less time here than I imagined we would.  I think Centris bank members get in free?  If we become baseball junkies I might have to open an account there just for that benefit!
 I just love that they have each other!!  Best of friends.
 The girls!!
 Hayden briefly had a free T-shirt.  They shot them out of guns & a crowd of little kids ran towards them not sure what to do.  Then an older kid, 13 or so, went & picked it up.  The adults behind us all "boo'd" the big kid, so he handed it to Hayden.  He was pretty excited!  Turns out, it was an adult M.  It maybe would have fit me.  Way too big for our kids.  As the game progressed, we noticed the other boy cheering & noticed he was special needs & so beyond excited to be there. We discussed it with Hayden & promised to buy him a shirt that fit him... and he walked over to the other boy, told him the shirt was too big & gave it back.  Oh how thrilled that boy was.  He had on, on top of his other shirt within 5 minutes.  What a nice boy we are raising, I was so proud he was willing to do this.  And I need to follow through with my promise & find him his own Storm Chaser's shirt.
 Our best attempt at a family shot... 
 2 big bags of popcorn for a snack!  We cheaply refused to splurge on any other foods, no matter how good they looked.  Way to highly priced goodies.
 Being silly is what Hayden does best.
 The kid zone was only open through the 7th inning, so we headed back for some more play time to round out the 7th.
 A few more high 5's with all the mascots & such running about.
 And of course, a 7th inning ---stretch----
Then back to the fence to try to catch a ball.  They stood there & SCREAMED "HIT IT OVER HERE!!!"  I was waiting for the outfielder to turn around & yell "Will someone please control your kids."
Being silly heading into the 9th inning all tied up.

The bases were loaded... and a nice outfield hit at the bottom of the 9th bought the Storm Chaser's a WIN.  

After the game we stood on a bridge with a lot of other people, where the players walked under to head to the locker room.  One of the players tossed a game ball up to Logan... which he missed.  And it rolled across the bridge, and back down to where the teams were walking.  I dove for it, scraping up my toe, knee, wrist & finger on the metal bleacher like bridge... and missed.  The nice player picked the ball back up & stood there waiting for an adult to specifically get the ball back to Logan.  What a nice guy.  Log was pretty excited... his siblings, pretty jealous.
Good thing we know how to share :)
She was the most excited.  She is our little sports enthusiast!  

It was an awesome time!  
So loving this age of being able to enjoy all these new, fun activities!

Swimming Lessons

Three thumbs UP for starting swimming lessons!!
 Big "lightening arms"
Putting their faces in. 

 Hayden & Olivia are doing quite well.  We got in some swimming this past weekend during our yearly trip to stay with Great Grandma Siebert, and Hayden & Olivia both really aren't *that* far from really swimming.  Amazing the confidence they have gained in just 5 days of 30 minute lessons.  5 more to go.

Logan does fine too, he isn't so much about putting his head under, or his face in as much.  He does, he just doesn't really like to.  Could be interesting if the boy who is all about winning & being 1st is eventally in a lower class of lessons? 

Make me get them in somewhere this winter & keep this up will you... I always meant to do this last winter & never got around to it.  Infact we almost didn't get to this summer because I waited so long to sign up the closest several pools were full!  I think they would actually appreciate it & enjoy it more if it was once a week, vs days & days in a row.  Its exhausting!  Plus we are doing Vacation Bible School this week! 

Jam packed schedule in July, can you believe its 1/2 over?!  Only 4 more weeks until we're all back to the grind of the school year :(  Their teacher requests are officially granted.  They are all getting a new teacher.  They all had a hand in choosing their teacher.  And they are all staying in seperate classes.  Their bible school teacher said tonight their transformation from last fall to now is amazing... so I'm hoping for a good school year.  Hoping we picked the right teachers!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Slippin' and a Slidin'

I still say, this little $15 summer purchase was one of the best investments ever.

One "morning" the kids woke me up for an afternoon of slip & slide.  Enjoyed my coffee with this view.  Perfect.

Ready.... Set...
 They don't really get how to actually ~slide~

The grass in that area was getting pretty soaked.... so we came up with a brilliant new plan!!!
 Totally Awesome!!
 I LOVE this little slideshow of pictures!!!  So awesome!!
 What a fun afternoon!!!