Friday, August 21, 2015

Kindergarten Pictures

They turned out SOOOO good!  

Hayden, Kindergarten 2015

Olivia, Kindergarten 2015

Logan, Kindergarten 2015

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

1 week down....

One week down... actually almost 2 weeks down!

Oh Kindergarten, you have been a whirlwind.

The kids LOVE it.  I mean, I watched Hayden tap on his teacher's arm & kindly tell her "I love you" before we could leave one day.  (He is just such a kindhearted soul)  One day he was up & dressed by 6:55, drop off isn't until 8am (& our drive is all of 4 minutes to get there)!

I, however, am in major adjustment mode.  The sleep routine that I have survived on working overnights the past 2 years has to be altered.  The time that I am used to napping on work days, falls during school pick up time, and I haven't gotten that "little" kink worked out yet.  There are communication folders x3 to look through every night.  There is weekly homework (yes homework in Kindergarten), x3.  No, its not long, hard or extensive- but just something we can't neglect.  We are heading into week 4 (I think, maybe week 5?) of vision therapy, which requires us a solid 30 minutes 5 times a week of home activities.  Again, not hard, just another new thing to work into our lives.

How I look at it is- we had triplets, and lived several years literally in "survival mode."  We had finally gotten to a place of "controlled chaos."  We found our routines that worked for us.  We were pretty comfortable overall.  And in one day- that all changed.  And we have to re-find our balance.

They come home all amped up.  I anticipated 3 exhausted kids asleep at the dinner table.  Instead I'm questioning if they tie them to a chair & feed them candy canes & marshmellows all day long?  One warm day after school they chose to run through the sprinkler, Hayden asked if he could just do it in his undies.  I didn't know he was going to pair them with a swim shirt.  Boy has his own style!

Day 2 of Kindergarten: Olivia complained that school starts too early in the morning, she is not a morning person just like me. Hayden asked if I could go to the store today to buy him some tall socks, because he saw a lot of big kids wearing socks like that yesterday. And Logan, after learning pancakes are on that day's lunch menu, lead the pack in deciding they all wanted to give hot lunch a try for a day.  Hot lunch went ok.  Hayden was disappointed he had to wait in line & said he prefers cold lunch because he gets to eat faster.  We agreed they would each try to pick 1 day a week to do hot lunch for now.

Evening of day 2: Hayden tells a story about a girl jumping out from behind a bush to give him a hug at recess, because she thought he gave her a flower but (sternly stated) "I did not." Said girl he said was "only a little bit pretty." Clearly the socks were needed to impress the girls. 

Then, we had our first sick day.  Afternoon of day 3: Dad picks Hayden up from school after the poor guy got sick in class. Good thing he got new socks, because he will probably need them now to earn back his cool with the girls.

He got sick in school one afternoon & threw up all over the class storytime rug :(  He ran a fever & had to call in sick the next day too.  That paired with my work schedule (to which I don't call in sick for at all costs) & Olivia's vision therapy on Thursdays caused me to be up one "day" from 7am on Wednesday morning, until 9:30pm on Thursday night.  I did get a little hour nap in, & ended up being thankful Hayden was home sick.  I curled up on the couch, set my phone alarm, put him beside me watching a TV show & told him he had to make sure I got up when my phone alarmed.  After I snoozed a few times he shouted in my face "MOM!!  You are supposed to wake up!"  So I jumped up & we rushed off to pick the other two up at the end of their school day.  No saying if I'd of slept right through pick up without him?

Day 4, this kid walked down the sidewalk all cool as a cucumber giving a finger wave to all his classmates "see ya Oliver" "bye Stone."   Day 5 he was sporting some new tall neon yellow socks & his hauling his winnings from a back to school a finger wave to all the upper classmen, like he's the king of the school.

Day 9... and I am trying to decide if Hayden is sick again?  Or if the exhaustion has finally set in. He said he had a headache & tummy ache before supper, then got sick.  He's been asleep on the couch since before 6pm.  If he is really sick AGAIN ..... I'm homeschooling!  YUCK- Kindergarten germs!

They are learning a lot already.  Today at dinner Logan & Olivia were discussing that their eyes are concentric circles!  They apparently learned that in art.  Speaking of art.... thanks to aunt Molly, Olivia's pig today came home with not just earings, but a nose ring ("just like Molly")

Drop off is easy, breezy.

Pick up is a bit of a mess.  Parking sucks (unless you go an hour early & scout out a spot).  And I can't do drive through pick up because:  1) my van doesn't have electronic doors & my kids can't open them  & 2) for now the Kindergarten teachers are requesting we pick up at their doors for safety while the kids are new to all of this.  Hopefully we get this routine worked out before we have wind chills of -30 degrees!

All this new routine.  Plus all the new school paperwork.  Little beginning of school "get to know me" projects (x3).  Jeff starting a new job (of which we really didn't even know what hours he was working until about day 4 into the job)  etc... etc... etc...has left me pretty much exhausted!

But week 2 is almost over & I think the only complaints have come from me, so I suppose we'll call that a win.

Onward change...

Monday, August 10, 2015


Welp it happened.

Kindergarten happened.

And while I am so sad that the days of spending so much time at home with them has come to a close, they are so ready for this next adventure.  And my tears today were actually less of sadness & more of pure pride in the brave, independent little people they have become.

Hayden's 1st Day of Kindergarten
Olivia's 1st Day of Kindergarten
 Logan's 1st Day of Kindergarten

Drop off was mass chaos.  And they humored me with pictures (as if they didn't know pictures accompany everything we do in life)

First we found Logan's teacher.  I got a quick hug & he was ready to line up with his new friends.
Next we found Olivias class.  A hug & a kiss, and she was ready too.
Last, we found Hayden's teacher.  I stood with him outside because he was the most aprehensive about the whole day.
 Once the teacher had all their kids accounted for, they headed in to start their first day.  He didn't even notice me.
 Olivia gave me a quick wave as she headed in.
 Hayden turned around to say "I love you mom!"  Then turned back around & walked right in.  I almost lost it.

There was a Kindergarten parent breakfast that I stuck around for- mostly so I could sneak by each class & peek in.  

Then I headed home to fill my mind with endless computer junk & plenty of HGTV.  I'm wondering how long is an appropriate amount of time to spend bumming around & napping before its socially unacceptable?  At some point I will start to fill my free time productively- just not yet.

They all said they had a great time.  They said their teachers were nice.  They each remembered the name of a few new friends.  I expected them to all come home exhausted- but they were all wound up.  They are excited to go back tomorrow.

Change is always hard.  But the end product is usually amazing.  Onward we go. 

Always behind!

I am SO behind on blogging.


Part of that is, in some ways, in the busiest of days/years I kept this all up for my grandma.  She loved to actually SEE what the kids were doing when she couldn't be part of it.  And she would get on my case if I didn't put pictures up often enough.  So in some ways, its just not the same anymore.

We have also been BUSY trying to jam pack our summer full!

And trying to get ready to start Kindergarten.  Can I please go back & re-live the last 5.5 years?  Where has time gone?

Jeff is also starting a new job, well technically started.  He will be teaching in the same district our kids are going to school in.

The night before:  New shoes strung up & ready to go.  New lunch boxes ready for packing.
And Transformers & Frozen backpacks all packed & ready to take on their newest adventure!

Monday, July 20, 2015

Their first race & a diver!

After watching Jeff run the Lincoln Half Marathon a few months ago, when he was talking about doing a local community days 3 mile fun run- the kids wanted to run.  And just their luck- they do a 1 mile kids run!  Logan & Olivia decided to run.  Hayden didn't want to, he just wanted to make signs & cheer.  We asked several times to each of them & had them stick to their decisions.

Hayden & I were a pretty cool cheering section!
 Olivia before
 Logan before
 Its blurry... but they are off....
{Logan's got some pretty good form!}

Jeff ran along with them just in case.
 The leader took a wrong turn, so it ended up being more like 3/4 a mile, which was fine for our kids.  Logan finished so quickly I almost missed him!  Part way into the race- he realized he was a ways ahead of Jeff & Olivia.  So he ran back (about 1/2 a block) then when Jeff told him it was ok for him to run himself- he took off again.  So he ran an extra block!  And still finished at 6:54!
 And here comes Olivia!  She finished in 8:09.
 And after!  Excited about the Gatorade!!  Super proud of them for making the decision & following through!  

Hayden was upset when he discovered his siblings got a participant ribbon.  There were some tears shed- but he has decided he will run next year.

Then there was pancake breakfast & an awesome parade.

And we skipped the HOT activities in the park & instead hit up the pool.  Where after me helping her just twice- Livi mastered kneel diving off the edge AND off the BOARD!!  There was one minor belly flop - but she stuck to it & did an awesome job.  Seriously- Who learns to dive off the board in ONE DAY!  She's a go-getter this one.  

Monday, July 6, 2015

Happy 4th of July

For the first time in probably my entire nursing career I had off the 4th of July.  When it wasn't my holiday to work, I have traditionally traded into it to have off Memorial Day or Labor Day.  But after the kids were kind of more into the whole celebration last year & I missed out- I decided to not work it for once.

I started off my holiday off by attempting some cool 4th of July star hair.
 We spent the evening with some of Jeff's Blair friends.  Bounce houses, trampolines, water balloons, bikes, scooters, and this go-cart.  Hayden was Mr. Cautious.  He took it VERY slow.  Gas on & off & on & off as to not get too crazy.
 Olivia went middle speed.  More wild than Hayden but pretty safe going.
 Mr. Motor Head was a MaNiAc!  Fast as he could go.  And he drives like a pro!  Hits the breaks with perfect timing as to get as close to people as possible.  Totally in control.  This is his element.
 There was bean bag games, frisbees.  Food.  Cupcakes.  Watermelon.  The list goes on.
 I'm not much for lighting fireworks.  Or spending $ on them.  And when you hit up a stand at 4:30pm on July 4 there isn't much left.  Luckily there were some sparklers shared.  Logan just did one then was done with the "fire."
 There were plenty of big kids (and adults) lighting off plenty of pretties to watch.  I'm kind of a big chicken- its just not my thing.  I love a nice big professional display.  But a whole bunch of kids running around with fireworks & punks in the dark gives me heart palpitations.
 Thankfully they were pretty content with sparklers, snapies & glowsticks.  And the explanation "because they are bigger than you" still works.

Hope you had a wonderful Independence Day!