Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Seasonal Allergies.... help!

Per the calendar, it has been spring for whole 4 days.

The weather has been perking up here in good ole' Nebraska.

With that comes pollen & sneezes & itchy eyes.

Monday, the kids played outside for a grand total of 1 hour.  It was 35-ish degrees so they didn't last too long.  But apparently it was enough to expose poor Hayden to the elements.

His eyes were almost swollen shut.
After a dose of Benadryl... he literally fell asleep in the tub.

Last spring his allergies were bad too.  He made it through the spring with Claritin.  Then it stopped working mid-summer.  So we switched to Zyrtec.  Which worked until September.  He was puking daily just to keep his sinuses clear.  He was miserable.  We tried some Singulair, which worked great for his allergies.  After a week he was in tip-top shape.  However, apparently anger is a side effect in children.  And he had some completely erratic behavior.

Today he spent the day rubbing his itchy little eyeballs raw.

So what are we to do?

I've heard raw honey is "the thing" to do.  I'm just not sure about how to give it to him.  How much?  What are the risks of raw honey?

What works at your house?


  1. Hi Katie! You probably have no idea who I am. :-) I worked with Tom and hung out with Jeff and Josh a few times in high school. Mostly, we had a lot of mutual friends. Anyway, I LOVE your blog! Your little ones are so cute!

    Our oldest has allergy problems as well. We found this product:
    I buy it at Walmart and Walgreens. They also have a cold formula and nighttime cold and cough syrup. It is all natural and absolutely works wonders on him.

    We have also tried the honey, but from what I understand, it has to be honey made within 30 miles of where you live. We found some at a store in Norfolk (I think it might even be Jason's honey). Spencer didn't like the texture of it, so I just spread it on toast, crackers or waffles and he ate it just fine.

    Good luck! Hopefully the spring will get better soon! Tell Jeff hello from me!

    Kelli Sindt

  2. I should also add that Hyland's makes tablets, but they have to dissolve in their mouth and Spencer could not grasp the concept of not swallowing it or chewing it before it dissolved, so we stuck with the syrup. He says it tastes good. :-) -Kelli

  3. Hi you prob dont know me either, i read your blog as i know you from FF. The honey does have to be local to have any effect on allergies unfortunately. Your local health food store might have some, if they do then a tsp a day should be enough, either just eating from a spoon or on toast or even mixed in some apple juice if he doesnt like the taste. Have you tried putting vasaline around his nose to stop stuff getting up there and then saline spray to rinse once he comes inside? Poor kiddo. I hope you find something.